The Best Winter Maternity Sweater Outfit for Date Night

I have the sweetest and best winter maternity sweater outfit for date night y’all! I can’t stress enough how important it is to go out on dates with your spouse before your baby is here. Whether it is your first or second or more! But especially if it is your first ha!

If it’s your first baby, your whole life is about to change and date nights will require significant more planning and effort. You’ll have to get child care, accommodate bed time schedules, nursing schedules not to mention just having the energy to leave the house but that’s another blog post, lol. I digress.

If it’s your second baby depending on the age differences, you’re just compounding the creativity it will take. They will and should still happen but my recommendation is to take advantage now before bundle of joy arrives. You’ll be thankful.

The Maternity Sweater Outfit

The Sweater

I chose this sweater because it’s perfect for winter time. It’s flowy and while I am all for form fitted maternity wear, there is something classic about the loose tops. I used to think they were old fashion however I’ve come to appreciate the classic look and feel of it. 

As it looks, it is extremely comfortable. The fabric is very soft and has plenty of room for your beautiful belly to grow. 

The Jeans

These jeans make my world go round. They look like regular jeans but they feel more like jeggings! They are very comfortable with a skinny ankle to give it a youthful appearance. I also of course favor darker washes as lighter colors to me are only suitable for day time dates. 

The ankle booties

I have had these boots for many many years! Serious one of the best investments I have made, ha! They are faux suede with a tall heel! They are only feasible if you’re going to be sitting mostly since the heel is high. If you will be walking around I would replace the heel with a platform.

5 Date Night Ideas

  1. Dinner & a movie!- It doesn’t get more classic than that! Extra points if it’s a holiday, romance movie!
  2. Take a class! Whether it is a painting class, a cooking class or a crafts class it will be adorable all while learning something new!
  3. Spa Date! What a perfect way to spend quality time together than a couples massage!
  4. Go shopping! Get your favorite decaf caramel brulee and hit the stores for more cute clothes for you or the baby. Don’t forget to hold hands and stop to kiss to enjoy your moments. Again trust me, it may sound corny but you’ll appreciate it later on. 
  5. One night at a local 5 star resort. If you can spring it, take the night staycation! Reconnect, SLEEP, and sip coffee in the morning with your robes overlooking gorgeous resort scenery. 

I hope these inspire you to put on  your best winter sweater outfit and plan your next date night with your sweetheart. You can also find more inspiration on these maternity sweater outfits.



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