5 Tips to Style a Black Tee

How to style a black tee
5 Tips to Style a Black Tee
How to style a black tee
5 Tips to Style a Black Tee
How to Style a Black Tee
5 Tips to Style a Black Tee

Almost like a classic little black dress is a black tee. I must confess that I was never a T-Shirt kind of gal. I didn’t used to think they were very feminine. Well that’s because I hadn’t found one like the one from Be Still Clothing Company. Not only are their tees inspirational but they’re shape flattering and soft for a tee! So here are my tips to style one.

1. Go all black

All black is elegant and timeless when you do it correctly. In the picture I wore a black jacket and black booties. You obviously want to have a different hint of color and that is what the white letters in the tee provide.

2. Add leather goods.

I try to wear faux leather when I can. Sometimes I can’t avoid it. I am trying to get better at this I promise. The jacket photographed is not real leather thankfully. If you’re trying to achieve the all black look it’s a great way to go however you can go a route of color depending on the season and what other color the tee has.

3. Spice it up with leopard.

Leopard can be sexy. It’s feminine, flirty and fun. Nothing vanilla about leopard. The trick to not borderline into tacky (trust it, it happens) is to not over do it. Choice one garment or two tops! Whether it’s a scarf or the shoes, it can really make your black tee pop.

4. Wear a rich colored handbag.

Think metallics and deep colors. Be mindful of the seasons of course and pastel is not your friend here. And of course don’t mix the colorful handbag with leopard! Lol

5. Wear a killer lip color.

This one can really go without saying and honesty should be a staple in all of your outfits but it certainly can make a difference in styling a black tee. In the picture I chose a darker shade since it is autumn now.

Do you have a favorite black tee? Do you have an additional tips you go by when styling a black tee? Tell me in the comments below. You can also find this “Blessed Baby Mama” tee here.



How to style a black tip
5 Tips to Style a Black Tee
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