Fun and Vibrant Maternity Sweater

I adore a fun, flirty maternity sweater.  One of the ways I ensured I felt stylish while pregnant was to have a unique style such as an open shoulder top and a pop of color. Here is how you can rock this style of sweater.

How to wear

This sweater is meant for boots! Flat, warm colored boots! You of course can pair it with heels however it looks best as a day outfit. I wear it to go shopping, have brunch with friends and the movies. It is best to pair with blue jeans of any wash that will compliment your boots! I chose a suede like, light tan boots due to such vibrant mustard yellow the sweater is. Short booties would also looks great as long as the jean was skinny. When you think warm colors, gravitate in this case with brown or tan.

How to style it

I would accessorize this maternity sweater with gold jewelry. Preferably a long gold necklace and stud earrings. Since it is long sleeves I would wear a thin bracelet and big, sparkling rings.

Keep in mind the top from the front is short therefore you will want to wear a undershirt. Due to the knitted fabric, you’ll want to do this anyway. Another reason I love this sweater is that if you wear a spaghetti strap undershirt, the straps will not show.

Lastly you don’t need to wear a strapless bra! You can be nice and comfortable as a pregnant mama should be! A lot of fun tops require you to wear strapless so it takes away from feeling cute if you aren’t comfortable in the first place. 

You can find the sweater HERE. It comes in this gorgeous mustard yellow and a taupe. Both are perfect for fall and winter months.

I love that it’s light enough to wear during the day even in AZ where it doesn’t get too cold. Speaking of, a fun faux leather jacket will really go well with this sweater as well. I like to throw one on at night when it does get to be a little chilly.

Hurry on and check it out while their sale lasts. Looking for more inspiration? Check out this really cute maternity sweater.  Have a question? Leave a comment or head to to my Instagram to send me a message!



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