Best Maternity Sweater for Fall

When I was pregnant with my second son, I knew I wanted key pieces this time around. Ones that I could work interchangeably to create various outfits. I wanted a fashionable, versatile but most importantly comfortable sweater. Unlike my first pregnancy, I was lucky enough to spend the bulk of maternity during the fall and winter therefore this maternity sweater staple was a must!

The Perfect Maternity Sweater is:


My perfect sweater is long. Long sweaters are in! They are classy and forgiving. I remember feeling like my back side was too wide. My thighs perhaps too thick towards the third trimester. And not that I didn’t feel beautiful but it was comforting to know and feel no one could see my “imperfections.”

The perfect maternity sweater has Pockets

My perfect sweater has pockets! You know for your cell phone, lip gloss, chocolate. Ha! The essentials. There’s nothing more frustrating that not having pockets. What if I’m wearing leggings or pajama pants or just simply lounge wear in my home? You know from when we go from room to room or heck go run an errand that doesn’t require the big, heavy purse. A sweater with a pocket is the way to go!

Butter soft cotton

My perfect sweater is of the softest knit. Okay I’ll admit, the knit reminded my of a “grandma sweater.” But that should only let you know it’s going to be a comfortable one. One you literally wrap yourself around, close your eyes and feel the coziness.


My perfect sweater is neutral. A tan that goes practically with most colors. I have a thing about warm and cool colors. I rarely mix them in wardrobe. The best solution is to get a tan color. Probably also the reason I like a good nude lipstick but that’s another story, lol.

Versatile- Casual

My perfect sweater can be worn around the house in your pj’s and messy bun. I work from home so my day to day attire is comfortable. A couple times a week I will admit I’ll put on a nice blouse for a video meeting or conference call. Well let me tell you I wore my sweater in BOTH of these scenerios.

Versatile- Dressed Up

It can also be worn to go out to dinner and a movie date! Just put on your skinny jeans and pumps or flats if you waddled like me. It really looks great out on the town. Accessorizing is key. If it’s a more low key sweater, then all you need besides cute footwear is a little sparkle in your jewelry.

Other important things to note about the perfect maternity sweater

  • It dosen’t  shrink. I’ve worn this sweater a million times and it’s still in great shape considering how many times I’ve washed it. The length remains even and no part has twisted like many knits sometimes do.
  • You can wear it after baby too! I had my baby right before it began getting warm so I cannot wait to wear my sweater again. Those are some of the best investments. Pieces you can wear past 9 months really. Here’s another sweater you can wear after maternity.
  • Have I mentioned it has a wrap belt? I love this because it gives you shape when you want to show off your sweet mama curves. Or when you just want to be warm so you tie it, put your hands in the pockets and feel more cozy than ever.

You can get this wonderful cardigan HERE. Hurry it’s on sale! After you receive it, head over to my Instagram & send me a message to let me know how you love it!



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