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All photography by Sharom Rosas.

I talk a lot about my transition into fashion since I became a mom. Nursing tanks is what I lived in for what seemed like the first 6 months of my baby’s life. I could barely sneak in a shower, let alone do my hair. That woman who wore four-inch stilettos on a daily basis and accessorizes her wardrobe according to color and pattern I lost. I love dressing up, so much that one of my mottos is “I’d rather be over dressed than under dressed.” I was known as the fashionista around the office. I wore tall platform heels until I was 9 months pregnant peeps! That’s a whole lot of love for shoes! I also have to be honest. Becoming a mom I thought I needed to dress more conservatively. A little more bland. Okay a lot more bland. Moms weren’t necessarily known to be fashion forward I’m afraid to say. Fast forward to a year later and I saw many stylish mamas on social medias! Rocking the stroller and the not so obvious diaper bag in this seasons fabric and heels! My beloved heels! That’s when I knew I have to find myself again. This mama was still fashionable folks, I just needed to feel confident again. Six months after that realization and I have gravitated toward fabulous brands to help me into my journey in fashion…as a mom! I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a store that gets this essential piece of who I am. A store that believes in breaking the stereotype. Moms ARE the most fashionable people we know! That store my friends in Evereve.

My Experience at Evereve

What a beauty! My first impression of the store was what a trendy boutique! “This has my name all over it.” I thought to myself. Elegant displays throughout. Large, wide isles that allowed me to navigate my stroller with ease. A children’s play area in front of the fitting rooms! Not to mention over sized fitting rooms to accommodate my son and I effortlessly. I was impressed y’all. Shortly after I arrived I was greeted warmly by an in store stylist that offered her assistance in my shopping experience. I of course, happily accepted. She swiftly and eloquently guided me through the clothes asking me questions along the way to pull items that fit my body and lifestyle. She was efficient and styled my fitting room so well that provided me with many beautiful options!

The Clothes

I must say this caught me a little off guard. You know when you try on clothes, half you rule out because it doesn’t fit so well? Well that did not happen here! I kid you not. Everything fit like a glove! The jeans…wow. they hugged my curves, lifted my mom butt and the high-rise smoothed my belly. The tops were perfectly long and soft, my gosh so soft. How was I going to select when I loved everything? I wanted a more casual feel so I had my stylist select accordingly. These outfits I can feel fabulous in and still chase around my toddler comfortably. No need to worry about pulling my pants up and tugging my blouse down. They were casual enough for the movies but gorgeous enough for brunch with my best friends. It was absolutely remarkable how perfect they were.

The Final Fashion Selections

I chose a lighter colored jean as my primarily focus was day wear. I have a feeling I am going to live in them for a while. The most soft, blush 3/4 sleeve sweater style blouse. You would have thought it was cashmere! I also chose a burnt orange sleeveless blouse with a looser, bell-shaped. Y’all know how much I love my copper, burnt orange and leather colors for fall. This one is so perfect because it’s still so warm in Arizona. It makes me feel like I can still enjoy autumn attire without roasting. Last but not least, and possibly my favorite; the ruffle sleeve blouse. Though it’s a more editorial look, it’s feminine, romantic and it’s cropped style actually elongated my physique. Now while I did not take home with me, I did fall in love with the most gorgeous velvet, olive blouse. I am still kicking myself for not getting it. I seriously contemplate on going back for it, ha ha. Velvet desperately needs to be more in my life.

So there you have it! I would love to know your thoughts. Which was your favorite? Visit your nearest Evereve store for your own exclusive shopping experience. Remember it was founded by a mom for moms! Follow them on social media and post a photo of your favorite outfit for a chance to win a $500 gift card! You can enter here and in their Facebook page.

Also stay tuned for more photos of these beautiful outfits!




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