Smiling is Contagious

I have gone through many stages in life with my self-esteem. After motherhood, it took a while to really feel like myself again. Slowly but surely I found my step again. It may appear from my Instagram photos that I now have high confidence and while it’s certainly healthy, there has always been one thing I have been insecure about and that is my smile.

Have you ever notice when I smile I don’t show my teeth? Go ahead I’ll let you scroll through my feed, lol. Not one photo friends. I’m going to finally share something very personal and that it that I have a gap in the front of my teeth. I was so silly during my teenage years to not want braces. What I would do to go back! The reason I never got them was because I didn’t want the metal in my mouth. As an adult I figured, well I’ve gone this long without them. But the truth it, I wish I can smile confidently. I wish I was really smiling in my wedding photos. I wish I felt confident speaking in videos.

The Solution; Smile Direct Club

Well I’ll tell you I FINALLY decided to do something about it. I began the first step to my dream smile with Smile Direct Club. Smile Direct Club provides a treatment plan using invisible aligners at 60% less from their competitors. It works in a simple 3 step process; first you go in for a consultation. There they will take a 3D image of your teeth via scan or do an at home impressions kit like I did! Those impressions are reviewed by a dental professional who will create a treatment plan for you. Each aligner is the mailed to you monthly to begin carefully shifting and straightening your teeth! There is no need for dental office visits for this.

My experience

Since there is no Smile Direct Club near me, I requested an at home impressions kit and it arrived very quickly. I carefully reviewed the instructions and viewed a short video to ensure I properly created my impressions. It was fairly quick and easy. The kit included everything I needed down to the gloves! The kit also included a very convenient return label so all I had to do was peel it and stick it on top of the previous label and drop it off at my local FedEx office. I also took photos of my teeth and uploaded them to the website for the dental professional to view to assist in creating my treatment plan.

Use code ‘ANGELICA’ to get 50% your impressions kit or free scan! I am so excited about this, I can’t stop talking about it. I have been waiting my entire life and I am so happy I finally took charge and did something about it! I am going to keep y’all posted on my progress. Keep an eye out for that new  smile reveal in the months to come!





*This post is Sponsored by Smile Direct Club. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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