My Protein on the Go

As a busy mom, I don’t always have time to meal prep much less arrange my snacks so that they are ready to go when I am. Much, much, much less, that they are high in protein! So what’s an active mama like myself to do? I stock up on Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt Drinks! I had already had the delicious Dannon® Light & Fit® so I grabbed both at my local Wal-Mart to ensure I have the best of both!
Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt is a new yogurt that not only is delicious, but packed with 10 grams of protein! Yup you heard correctly 10! Furthermore it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, added sugars or fat! I love that I can just open my fridge grab my sons water and my 7 oz bottle of Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt to place in my bag on the way out of the house! It’s perfect for when we’re in a rush and lets face it, it’s all the time, haha. My favorite flavor is strawberry though now I want to try them all. ???? Perhaps I’ll grab a different flavor next grocery trip.
Dannon® Oikos® Nonfat Yogurt come in a convenient, 4 pack. I love this because I never worry about running out throughout the busy. They do need to be kept refrigerated. Seriously y’all it’s so smooth and full of flavor that you’ll want to drink more than one. The only thing stopping me is that it’s actually filling! It satisfies my crazy hunger as I am on the go whether it’s shopping with my family, going to the park or just running errands. Next time you’re at Wal-Mart grab some! I would love to know what you think. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. You can also get a dollar off them  here.
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