How and WHY I re-introduced baby to cereal

Gerber Organic Oatmeal Cereal
Gerber Organic Oatmeal Cereal

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Hi mamas! I want to talk about iron today. As you know, baby boy is about to turn the big ONE soon therefore his iron test is upon us. I am dreading it. He is such a milk monster and the pediatrician is beginning to make statements such as, “breast milk starts losing its nutrients after 9 months…” yeah don’t get me started on her. The point however is that from 6-12 months, you really want to ensure baby has a sufficient amount of iron to prevent anemia for example. Now I will admit, when baby turned 4 months and was given the green light to introduce him to solids, I threaded lightly. I was so apprehensive that he would self wean off breast milk that I probably went too slowly. I wanted to mix everything with breast milk instead of water and I hated to pump so it didn’t occur as often as it probably should. So here we are, facing iron again. So what did I do? I got off my high horse and went and bought Gerber Organic Oatmeal again. Except this time, I was going to take it seriously.

So off to Target we went!

Gosh I love that place. We spent a looong time there. I love having a reason to go and coming out with 20 more. HA! I know exactly where to go and where to retrieve our cereal. So there we were, the isles clear, clean and pretty much saying welcome! You know you feel the same way at Target! Now while there I also picked up some Gerber organic fruit puree for the oatmeal cereal as baby is older and loves variety now. By the way, make sure you use Target Cartwheel to receive additional discounts! It’s extremely easy to use, I love it.

Breakfast time!

When we got home I was excited for breakfast time! I know I get excited to try new things. As a mom, I take pleasure in seeing my baby’s reactions. I remember when he took his first bite back at 4 months and I am excited to see them again now. Baby loves it! He stretches his arm when he wants more and I just find it adorable!

Mixing Gerber organic puree with Gerber organic oatmeal cereal.
Mixing Gerber organic puree with Gerber organic oatmeal cereal.


Remember mamas, feeding baby Gerber Cereal twice a day will provide him or her with 90% of the daily recommend iron that their little bodies need. The American Academy of Pediatrics backs this for iron rich cereals like Gerber Cereals. Keep also in my mind that cow’s milk isn’t recommend until they are one so mix with breast milk or formula only (aside from fun puree if they are in the sitter stage.) Furthermore keep also on mind adult cereals do not contain the same amount of iron that baby needs so it is important you give him or her the correct iron rich ones.

All in all better late than never right? Don’t skip cereal just because you hear others do. Educate yourself for your little ones. And go get get yourself your favorite Gerber cereal! Make sure you get your Target Cartwheel discount HERE. Tell me in the comments below which is your favorite!





How and WHY I reintroduced baby to cereal
How and WHY I reintroduced baby to cereal.
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