Teething Relief Essentials

Teething Essentials
Teething Essentials

As you probably have heard, the FDA has recently issued a warning against the use of homeopathic teething gels and tablets as they were found linked to seizures, lethargy and muscle weakness. You can read it for your self directly from the source here. Our pediatrician informed us from the beginning that regular teething pain relieving gels such as Orajel were a big no-no. Companies such as Hyland’s dispute this however my concern and skepticism remained. Naturally as a new mom I found myself searching and researching for the best non medicated alternatives and these products  found my baby not only enjoyed but found relief of his teething pain and or assisted. Trust me, poor little man knows as he has 10 teeth now! And we have tried practically all teethers out on the market, lol.

Before we dive in I want to say that drooling is just plain crazy during teething so bibs are a must. I have bought and we’re gifted tons! However recently I found the cutest shop, Red Bunny Designs, where the owner makes adorable bibs and burp cloths among others. They are excellent quality. They are handmade with very soft materials. I love how thick it is unlike the thin ones you find at the large chain stores . I seriously am never getting another one from elsewhere. Check them out, I really recommend them. P.s. makes a great baby shower and holiday gift.

Now for teething products, first and foremost the cold is your friend, or I should say their friend. I have discovered in my research that you should always keep teething products in the fridge and not the freezer. Please always remember that.

My first ones are these really cute bear-shaped teethers. Why do I love them? Because of the crystals inside that are function so that they remain cold for a longer period of time after you have taken them out of the fridge. Best of all, it has a sleeve that you put on so that baby’s hands don’t get cold holding it. You can get it here. And YES $6 is worth it.

Next is Sophie the giraffe. Man on man does he love Sophie. She is one tough teether let me tell you. She’s taken a lot of abuse lol. Something about the texture and smell but it does wonders. I would buy her many times over. You can get her here. And no the imitations don’t work the same. Of you fancy her with a cute book, you can get that also here.

Up next is a silicone, non-toxin, BPA free teething necklace. It’s funny because my son only has an interest in it when I’m not wearing it. Silly boy. But he munches on it for a while. Due to him not caring for it worn, I opted for a basic yet stylish one like this one.

Last but not least his vibrating strawberry. The vibration is very soft and gentle on his gums. He still loves it and has been using it since he was 4 months old! You can get it here.

On a last mention, a cold wash cloth works wonders when they are smaller. Baby boy loved it until he was around 6 months.

What did not work for us? The munch mitt, the silicone keys, and the rings.

What does your baby love? Tell me in the comments below.



Teething pain relief essentials
Teething pain relief essentials
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