My Winter Love for Jord

My Jord Watch

Photography by Jill Shaw.

My Jord Watch
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Listen mamas an outfit just isn’t an outfit unless you accessorize, let’s be honest. From the earrings to the necklace to the arm bling! Not just one but all three! And this Valentine’s is no exception to be prepared.  I haven’t revealed what I am wearing just yet but I do know what accessories I am wearing and that is what I will share with you today.

My Jord watch.

It is called Zebra and Rose! Exotic right? It is made of natural wood, sapphire crystal glass and adorns with Swarovski crystal markers. In love! Not to mention rose, my favorite color. ???? It is feminine, elegant, classy and flirty; everything a watch should be. I was so excited when this baby arrived in the mail that I snapped a picture (or a few, let’s be honest) and sent it off to my best friends and wife immediately.

Now how am I wearing it?

If you have been following me for a little bit, you know that I love to color coordinate. In my opinion, warm colors go with warm and cold with cold, I don’t typically mix them. Therefore since the wood is naturally brown and the details gold, I will wear a warm color clothing item such a cream, tan, brown, maroon and reds. Are you seeing my vision?

The Giveaway!

I am giving one lucky winner a $100 credit to their very own Jord watch! Enter HERE. You will get a $25 code just for entering! That’s it!

The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Jord also has very classy men’s watches. You can take a look at the men’s collection  here. You can view the women’s here. There is still time to get it before Valentine’s Day! If you have any questions feel free to ask below in the comments and stay tuned for more V-Day holiday styling tips.




*This post was sponsored by Jord Wood watched. As always my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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