How Angelica got her groove back


31 weeks pregnant in heels

I wasn’t always put together believe it or not. That’s another “perk” about motherhood. Putting yourself together is a lot more work. You see I have always been the type of girl who puts on make up just to go to the mailbox. I was the type of girl always in heels no matter what. Always with earrings and a necklace even if it was to go to the grocery store. Now to tell you the truth, I am somewhere in between.

I said I wouldn’t be that mom. You know, the one in yoga pants and a messy bun. I was determined to be Victoria Beckham always very well put together. I also thought that I would have my baby peacefully sleep in his carrier while mommy had breakfast with her besties. Did you just laugh at me? Yeah I did as well. I was naive. I gave birth and due to my c section, all pants bothered me. Yes, even yoga pants. So I lived in nursing gowns (two to be exact) to what seemed eternity. Now my first non negotiable was a shower. I had to shower no matter what, every single night. If I couldn’t look nice, I was at least going to smell nice, lol. My next was putting my hair up neatly. Since I couldn’t straighten or curl my hair, I would put it up in a neat bun or pony with lots of hair spray. I will be honest and say I am envious of a woman who can pull off a cute, messy bun however. My wavy, frizzy, hair type doesn’t allow me to. I would look like a lion if I attempted. Believe me I have tried. ???? Now let’s discuss footwear, I wore heels until I was 38 weeks pregnant. I mean, 4 inch stilettos or wedges A LOT. So frequent, I had everyone alarmed at all times. I love my heels. Back then, the VERY high pump was sooo in, I can’t believe I could even balance. On a side note, I don’t know what to do with about 10 pairs of pumps that are now irrelevant. How was I suppose to know the trend would end as quickly as my pregnancy? I digress.

Well as I recovered, I was fortunate to lose the baby weight immediately. I had gained 30 pounds when it was all said and done and lost probably half of it two days after birth. I was still very swollen and my stomach muscles shot from surgery therefore I could only wear two sizes larger in jeans comfortably. Luckily I found a couple of my wife’s that I would borrow in that mean time. I wore them everywhere as my “real” clothes. This is also where I discovered  flat boots. I didn’t even own ONE pair. I know I know, if you follow my instagram this may also come as a shocker to you. I wore my wifes two pairs of boots at this time. So that was my new-found style, flat, leather boots, 2 sizes larger jeans, an over sized sweater over a nursing tank and a neat, high bun stiff with hair spray. I put on simple earrings, sprayed a dash of perfume and off I went. Most likely only to our doctor visits, lol. That’s the next part, I didn’t go out.

I confined myself and our son due to in my head shielding him for the many germs and scary viruses such a RSV! If I could go back, I would have definitely gone out more. Again, probably somewhere in between what I did and going out as normal because  I don’t think that’s good either. I say all this because it played such a large factor in finding myself and in return my style. The more I sheltered us, the more my PPD( or strong baby blues) was harder to come out of. You see in order to find yourself, you must be happy with yourself again. I wasn’t. I no longer had any time for me. This tiny baby was attached to my breast all day and all night, I couldn’t just get ready the way I used to. I have since mastered doing it all in lightning fast speed. I can straighten my hair as quickly as he brushes his teeth. I can put on make up as he plays with the hairbrush and put clothes on while I give him a book on the floor of my closet. Never in my wildest dreams did I picture this. Of course on the weekends my wife takes him so I can get ready without needing to have one eye on him at all times. I am in such auto pilot however, that I still rush through it even to this day.

I’m not sure when it clicked. But one day I had my long big curls back, blush and even a necklace. My size 2 jeans fit like a glove again and I even put on lipstick. One thing I kept were the flat boots. I received my very own pair last Christmas and I had added a few to my collection since. Afterall, running after a hyper toddler in heels isn’t realistic anymore. Not to mention he is 24 pounds  heavy. I reserve heels for going out such as dinner or a party. You know what? I am okay with that. Evolution is more than okay. It is natural. My style has evolved over the years and I am certain it will continue to do so. I just hope that I can always remain true to myself and a little more than the non negotiates. You know like that daily shower ????. When did you get your groove back? Or did you never lose it?




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