The Classic Maroon Maternity Sweater & Fun Me Time Ideas

Maroon maternity sweater is a staple I adore wearing. Specially during the holiday season but really all through the winter. There’s something festive about the color that puts me in a wonderful mood. It is an absolute classic color that will be sure to add a little magic to all the activities you take part in. So today I want to share all the cute places I wore it to, to hopefully give you ideas and inspire you to get out and have fun.

Maroon Maternity Sweater

Wear a Maroon maternity sweater to:

Spa Day

Treat yourself to a mani and pedi. Take your best friend or your mom and have a relaxing time getting pampered. Honestly  looking back, I did not do this enough. I really should have taken advantage of the free time and free hands, lol. 

And since we’re on a holiday theme, go for the apple red with gold glitter on top! It was always my go to polish in December. Then for me years eve I switched to a silver or black with lots and lots of sparkle!

Maroon maternity sweater to Brunch

Head out with your best gals, throw on cute boots and order some virgin mimosas to celebrate the season. I’m a big proponent of dressing for the season and maroon in the winter definitely fits the bill. And what better place than a super cute or trendy brunch spot? 

This is a time to catch up, make new plans and you guess it relax some more because it’s a fast, busy time. Order that festive cappuccino and enjoy endless laughter with you bffs. 


Yup, the perfect outfit to put in your Santa hat and cross gifts off your list! Whether it’s black Friday or just a week day to finally not wait until last minute to do your Christmas shopping, ha You’ll look festive and fabulous.

Make sure you wear flat shoes of course. A pair of cute sneakers will do as well. Also dress in layers. Remember it can get hot walking so much and stores keep their temperature at different degrees so you want to prepare to warm up or cool down conveniently. 

Of course don’t forget to stay hydrated. Stop for lunch and any needed breaks as much as possible. Matter of fact it’s also a great idea to keep snacks handy. “Shopping is my cardio” after all I like to say, lol.


Ah I love throwing on my maroon maternity sweater. Accessorizing it with a big soft gold scarf and hitting my favorite bookstores for some me time. This is something I highly recommend.

I stop and grab my crème Brule latte first. The head over to a new book I’ve been wanting to get, find a comfy spot and sit down to get lost in the storyline. I can still smell the books and coffee and both relax me so much. 

So here you have it. I hope it inspired you to be festive this winter by throwing on your favorite maroon maternity sweater and hitting the town. This sweater is from Motherhood maternity. If you want more maternity fashion inspiration check out maternity plaid and the perfect maternity sweater outfit for dates.



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