Where and how to wear maternity plaid this holiday

You’ve seen the matching family outfits. You probably own a plaid shirt or two. Perhaps not. Maybe you’re here because you want to wear a maternity plaid blouse. Well I’m going to give you some ideas how to incorporate them the best and where to get the one you see here.

Family Photoshoots

Oh how I love semi matching family sessions. I say semi because you don’t want to all wear the same exact thing. But the same pattern different ways is where you want to go. Think for you a maternity plaid dress. Your spouse a plaid shirt and black pants. Your toddler plaid suspenders or bow tie or perhaps just the vest. And your baby girl a suede black dress.

You truly have many options here so start your Pinterest board early for inspiration. Your shoot can remain casual and wear sneakers. You can dress it up and be Sunday best formal. Your photography will want to shoot your at the same time regardless of what you wear so keep that mind. 

Christmas Tree Farm

Oh this is dear to my heart. I live 2 hours away from Flagstaff, Arizona and it is just beautiful during winter time. It is full of pine trees and therefore deserves the privilege of festive attire.

A maternity plaid blouse, jacket, or accessory will be perfect to go pick out the perfect Christmas tree. Heck, even more perfect to have a Christmas photoshoot at a tree farm! Can you imagine? Okay cat is out of the bag, this is on my to do list once I talk my wife into it, ha!

Symphony Hall

What says holiday spirit like seeing a ballet? My best friends and I have a tradition of seeing a Christmas ballet every year such as the Nutcracker. Well a plaid blouse will be perfect for a matinee show! Just add some pumps, a long white coat and enjoy the show in festive attire.

Work holiday party 

A plaid outfit will stand out in a great way for a work holiday party. It says you are all about Christmas while not trying too hard. Depending on the time and location is how you will style it.

If it’s at the office and or during the day you can keep it casual with a black, flat boot like in the photos and a pair of jeans. If it’s a formal event at time then consider it using is as an accessory or a little more subtle like a scarf. Some plaid dresses actually do a beautiful job of being elegant. In my experience however they are a tad bit hard to find so if you see one, grab it!

Bonus for after maternity: Ice Skating

No matter where you live, there will be a nice ice skating rink to to on a romantic date. Even in Arizona that is in the 60s during the winter had a good size one downtown and at an upscale resort. Take your pretty plaid and show off your skating skill or if you’re like me, stay very close to the rails ha!

So there you have it! Head over to my Instagram and let me know what you ended up doing and which plaid you got! And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out this beautiful maternity sweater.




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