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English for me was my second language.  I was born and raised in Mexico therefore in school I learned how to read and write in Spanish. The same way, I learned English; through the school curriculum and daily repetition along with conversation. I realize our son will not have the same advantage.

The schools do not teach Spanish until high school and even when earlier grades provide it, it is only a very small fraction of the entire day. I realize, if I want our son (which I do) to learn Spanish, it starts with me at home. Since I am his primary care giver, our son does not go to daycare.

I carve out a couple of hours a day for education. Whether it is reading education books, going through flashcards or interactive play. Since he was a newborn he was spoken to in Spanish therefore naturally in my “teachings” I often made an effort to translate all that I was reading/demonstrating to him.

I cannot tell you how often I became stuck trying to remember how to say a particular word in Spanish. More importantly, how to say the PROPER word in Spanish. Afterall I would prefer he speak with slang to a minimum. ???? For all of these reasons I am so excited to have found Sol book box. 

January’s themed box

Sol book Box

This wonderful company is a monthly book subscription business that dedicates their teachings in books in the language Spanish. Every month has a different theme and the items are specially curated to perfectly compliment it. There are two types of box subscriptions according to age.

The first is a board book box, for ages 0-2. This is the one we received. It comes with 2 Spanish or bilingual books and 3-4 items to go with the theme of that particular box! I’ll tell you more in the next paragraph! The second box is for ages 3-7 and it comes with a couple of hardcover books along with 2-3 items as well that match the theme.

Subscribing is very simple, you just simply select the type of box you’d like to receive as well as the frequency. You can do a month to month or pay in advance for 3, 6 and 12 months.

Our experience

Our son loved it! Our theme for January was colores! (Colors!) Both books were  English and Spanish. They were easy to follow along and had beautiful and unique drawings to catch my little guys eyes.

I LOVED not having to stop the flow of reading to ask myself; “how the heck do I say that in Spanish?” Ha! Our box also came with a Sonaja (rattle), felt balls and a wooden puzzle. The noise itself that the rattle caused was enough for my son to continue banging it everywhere! He would toss it and pick it up.

At one point we started dancing and singing with it. The felt balls were also a hit. They were of a variety of colors therefore I took the opportunity to tell him what color was the ball I was handing to him. We also counted them in Spanish and English naturally.

There was not a time where he didn’t have one or two in his hand as I read him the books. Lastly the wood puzzle piqued his curiosity to put together and take apart dozens of times. Of course as we did both, I named each color the wooden part was in Spanish and English.

The Recommendation

Overall we enjoy this box very much. It keeps him engaged for a long time! And let me tell you that is not easy to do. It is perfect to set that foundation and allow him to expand his teachings as he grows older.

I would highly recommend everyone raising a bilingual child to try a box! It also makes a wonderful gift! Check out today.



*This post was sponsored by Sol Book Box. As always 100% of thoughts and opinions are my own.

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