New mom diaper bag essentials

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I don’t know about you but as a new mom, I reinvented my diaper bag multiple times until I got it just right and stopping saying “dang it” every time I forgot something. I know your time is valuable and need to be able to pack a bag efficiently, often with only one hand.

  1. The most obvious let’s get out of the way, diapers and wipes. My recommendation is that you pack as many as your child uses in one day. This will depend on his or her age. For example  my son typically  goes through 6 per day at 8 month versus almost 10 when he was under 3 months. I personally use the these ones. Aside from being hypoallergenic (my son has eczema) their prints are ridiculously cute. They appear expensive if you buy them separately from a store however with a cancel any time subscription, it is cheaper or the same as major brands PLUS it comes with wipes at no additional cost!

  2.  Two extra outfits! Just simple, clean extras for accidents such as diaper blowouts, throw up, spit, excessive saliva from teething and food if your babes are a bit older. TRUST me, it WILL happen. I personally keep a couple of onesies like these.
  3. Swaddle/ Receiving blankets-This will be your go-to for cleaning up spit up real quick, placing it down anywhere you need to sit or lay down baby for a minute. I love these.
  4. 2 wash/burp clothes-Seriously don’t underestimate how much babies and kids get dirty. I thought I was gifted too many. Come to find out, there was no such thing. Lol Something like these.
  5. Hand sanitizer-If I am going to a public place this is a non negotiable.  I specially  love this one because I know it doesn’t  contain any harsh chemicals. I prefer the spray because it will serve dual purpose by not just sanitizing your hands but hard surfaces also.
  6. Sophie the giraffe! Don’t laugh as I am serious. My son LOVES his Sophie. It relieved his teething amazingly. Something about that soft yet durable plastic and its smell calmed him. Well worth it’s price times two.
  7. Diaper rash ointment-Unfortunately rashes appear out of no where therefore you don’t want to wait until you get home to give your baby relief. I tried many brands and this one seemed to make them go away for good as oppose to just a few hours.
  8. AquaphorI carry this because it is better than lotion on the go especially. It heals weather dryness both cold and heat rashes. Perfect for delicate skin such as eczema patches.
  9. Sunglasses You have to protect baby’s eyes! Tip; keep then in a pocket in the bag so that you never have to stand there look for them with one hand and you hold a sun blinded child with the other.
  10. Sun block- Even if you don’t intend of being in the sun. You never know when you’ll unintentionally be exposed and realize you need to protect them or reapply. I personally like this one.


What do you think? Does yours look like mine or vastly different? Let me know  what your favorite items are in the comments below. You can also follow me on instagram for our day-to-day journey.



Diaper bag
New mom diaper bag essentials
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