If you’re a mom with a little one that was faced with the decision whether or not to homeschool you’re not alone! 
If you are like one  million adults with anxiety, you may be looking for ways to manage it so that you can be the best mom/wife/co-worker/friend you can be. 
The first time I went to the hospital to have my baby I packed entirely too many unnecessary things in my hospital bag. Most sat there taking up space that should have been for things I actually needed. Here are some helpful things to think about so that you’re prepared.
I remember asking friends and family for recommendations on what to get baby as a first time mom and what were the best baby products. I really wish someone would have shared with me these 5 baby products that has made life easier this second time around. 
Friendships after Motherhood
Friendships after Motherhood
Our friendships will never be the same they said. You’ll lose your friends others said. I said that’s not going to happen to me! Don’t worry it didn’t, lol. But the truth is, they did change.
Style after maternity
How I got my Groove Back
 I wasn’t always put together believe it or not. That’s another “perk” about motherhood. Putting yourself together is a lot more work.

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