Family vacation in the Cayman Islands

When we book and plan a vacation, we do extensive research on the cities and accommodations to rate how family friendly they are. Our toddler’s enjoyment of our trip is just as important as ours therefore it should be entertaining, welcoming and accommodating to all families. The Cayman Islands not only fits all our requirements, but it did not disappoint in the least bit. Let’s take a look at where we stayed and what we did on the island as a family of three.


We stayed in two different resorts in efforts to get two different perspectives on different parts of the island. Only one of them I can recommend as it fit our family’s needs to a tee while the other fell short of expectations despite both being 5 stars. Our home away from home was the Ritz Carlton Cayman and I’ll name the numerous reasons I recommend this as a perfect family resort.

Reason why it was perfect:

First and foremost it has a water park! There are two pools PLUS a water park. In the water park there are the cutest umbrella chairs for children, splash pads, and games such a giant connect four. Our son went absolutely crazy over it. They had these giants buckets that poured water on the park in addition to slides and obstacle courses. 

It has adults lounge chairs as well where you can order drinks and foods while you watch your children play! It was evident this resorts caters to families when I saw water diapers, sun block and lotion available at both waterpark and family pool! What was very impressive was that is was complimentary. They also had cucumber water available which was heavenly on hot days. 

Staff Treatment

Our son was the VIP. Upon arrival, we were greeted with alcoholic drinks and he with juice! Then when we went to speak to concierge later in the day, a staff member in the lobby where concierge was knelt down to our son and began having a conversation with him to entertain him while we had a conversation with concierge. Important to note they never attempted to move him or speak to him anywhere else. They just simply knelt to get on eye level and asked him funny questions to make him laugh. They also provided him with sand toys! A very sweet detail!

The area. Y’all the beach spot footsteps away was marvelous. The sand was extremely soft and the views of the ocean mesmerizing. We went in August and it was not crowded at all. All beach staff brought him fruit, water, chips and dessert. One of the best resorts and service we have had and highly recommend. 

What to do

The Stingray Bay

One of the most fascinating things I have ever done was go to Stingray Bay and swim with stingrays in the wild aka middle of the ocean. It was very intimidating at first but my sense of adventure was greater. Our son surprisingly at 3 years old, was not afraid! To get there we took a short boat ride while admiring the scenery.

We were supplied with life jackets, beverages, and snorkeling gear. Once we arrived, the captain handled a stingray gently while everyone took turns taking a photo or kissing the ray. They say each kiss is 7 years good luck! While they are wild animals (the barb intact) they have been trained to gather when boats arrive because they are fed squid! They know they aren’t harmed and therefore allow people to touch and pet them. 

The Turtle Center

On Sundays in Cayman Islands, most businesses are closed however the turtle center is open to tourists. There you not only can see many different turtles but touch and swim with them as well! They even have a small pond like pool with a water slide by a tiny cafe where you can enjoy some snacks and refreshments. What’s neat is that I can close my eyes and still remember the wonderful sound of reggae playing while enjoying the views at this cafe. 

They also have a walking trail and an area to engage with birds of all kinds. Lastly I’ll mention there are shuttles that take you to and from your resort so you don’t have to worry about getting a cab. 

Submarine tour

A different day we ventured into the heart of town to take a submarine tour to observe the marine life. We took a very basic, short one however there are others that vary in length and interactions. On our way out our son chose a sweet book of the marine life he saw at their gift shop. Overall despite the simplicity, our toddler seemed to really enjoy it. 

Shopping of course! 

Let’s tall about the heart of the city. It is a VERY busy place. Cayman Islands is also a big cruise stop so this is the spot all cruise members packed the town. There are however many stores and restaurants to search for souvenirs which is what we did. A few hours of a day will do. You can get dropped off by a cab and just walk the long strip. It was too busy to spend anymore than that there including lunch. 

Other things to know

  • You will get asked for ID every single time you pay with a credit card there. 
  • Customs gives priority to families with small children so your wait in line will be significantly reduced. 
  • They are very friendly.
  • English is spoken everywhere. 
  • You will need to exchange for their currency to pay with cash however most establishments accept credits cards with a minimum purchase and that ID I told you about. 

Overall it was a wonderful, relaxing trip at the Cayman Islands. Whether you love staying low at the resort, getting out and exploring the island or a little bit of both like me! Let me know your thoughts if you have gone.

What family friendly activities are not on this list? Or what has been your experience here if you’ve been? By the way you can view videos of this trip on my Instagram highlights! Need more travel family inspiration? You can check out Venice or Beaver Creek!



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