Best Places to Take a Babymoon in Florida

I chose to take my babymoon in Florida for many reasons including the sun, beach, and great food. What was important to me the most was spending quality time with my spouse before our baby arrived and had an opportunity to connect before becoming parents. After all, I heard all about how life changes after parenthood, and boy were they right! I was extremely grateful we took the babymoon and content we chose Florida to have those memories. 

Let me walk you through two beautiful cities we experienced. I am going to give you recommendations on where to dine and things to consider. In addition, more best places to take a babymoon in Florida.

Pregnant woman wearing a bright pink two piece bathing suit with a white, transparent cover up holding her belly at a babymoon in Florida.

Choosing the cities

Pretty often when we travel we like to go to cities near each other to optimize our experience and this trip was no different. We chose Fort Lauderdale and Miami because of their iconic beaches, delicious food and excellent reviews. Let me walk you through my experience and recommendations for the best places to take a babymoon in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

When to travel- Consider the weather

We first flew into Fort Lauderdale and were attracted by the liveliness of the city. We went in August and it was hot 90 degrees with humidity. Keep the weather in mind when choosing when to travel. In hindsight, we should have gone a month later.

Where to Stay

The W was our home for the next few days. It has the reputation for being modern and it’s directly across from the ocean. Keep in mind that most hotels are separated by a small road. Because it’s a public beach there will be a beach attendant where you can rent chairs and umbrellas for your convenience. 

If you have a bigger budget, stay instead at The Pelican Grand Beach Resort. It is one of the very few hotels situated on the beachfront without a road. And because of its location, that beach is actually private.

What to do & where to dine

Both of these hotels had excellent dining options with wonderful reviews. They are perfect if you’d like to have a nicer dinner or celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday. 

The best dining recommendation for your babymoon in Florida is The Serafina Italian Restaurant. We had delicious Italian food and were extremely surprised by how much of a hidden gem this restaurant is. Don’t be fooled by the exterior appearance. 

At first, it appears as if it’s a small home with a large business sign upfront. But once you make your way to the back, you enter a very large, romantic dining area by the water. The ambiance is perfect and casual enough to go after a long, fun day in the sun. 

Other things to do

You can charter a boat or a yacht. For more affordable budgets, you can alternatively take a water taxi to cruise the Intracoastal Waterway and hop off one of many dock-side café stops! Lastly, there is also shopping! Just be mindful of the weather of course as I mentioned it is extremely hot in the summer with humidity.


Where to stay

Now Miami is a very vibrant city full of life day or night! Though we did venture to Miami Beach and very quickly realized it was not that great of a place for a pregnant woman looking to relax, haha. MID Miami Beach was perfect!

I highly recommend staying at Grand Beach Hotel as the stay was exquisite. We stayed in an ocean view suite and it was very modern, large and those views were breathtaking. The hotel was small enough that it felt more private than others. 

The biggest gem was the ocean. Please hear me when I tell you that the ocean at this location was one of the best pieces of the ocean I experienced and I have traveled to many beaches around the globe. I consider it one of the most romantic beaches there is. 

The beach water was warm, almost crystal clear and the sand was like butter. I could have stayed there for weeks if I could. Now, THAT was the exact relaxation I was looking for when I envisioned my babymoon.  It also makes for a romantic weekend getaway and one of the best vacation spots for couples.

What to do and where to dine

Get a spa treatment. What is the best babymoon in Florida without some spa time? Just keep in mind most recommend you wait until your second trimester before getting a massage but don’t limit yourself to that. Get a facial as well! Also, sit by the pool and have the bartender make you a delicious mocktail. 

I mentioned that we ventured into Miami Beach because hello you are in Miami! We ended up at Estefan Kitchen, Gloria Stefan’s Cuban restaurant and it did not disappoint! Now beware their drink menu will leave you really bummed out you can’t partake in trying them haha!

The food was amazing and again I hope to go back one day not pregnant to enjoy their drinks and have more Cuban food. It is a restaurant worth making the short trek from Mid Miami to Miami Beach. 

Do keep in mind that parking in Miami Beach is a bit crowded so be prepared mentally to drive around for a little bit for parking or look for a valet.

That brings me to transportation

We decided to rent a car from Fort Lauderdale to Miami for the most convenience. We don’t normally do this when we travel however because of the multiple stops we wanted to make in our itinerary it was a good choice. It was fairly inexpensive as well. 

The W hotel had a car rental desk so the car was ready in our hotel and we dropped it off at the Miami airport of our trip. That allowed us to not only drive between cities but also explore a little bit of the cities without worrying about getting taxis everywhere. If you are traveling domestically this way, I say it’s the way to go.

Best Practices- Keep your doctor aware of travel plans

The best time to go on your babymoon is when you are six months pregnant or during your second trimester. Many are past the fatigue and sickness of the first trimester and not as uncomfortable as your third trimester. 

Regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy, it is always best to consult your doctor and keep her or him abreast of your plans for the best guidance. Your doctor can further advise you on what activities you can and cannot do as well as make other recommendations such as flying based on your medical history.

When to travel

The best time to travel to Florida for your babymoon is at the end of May. This allows you to still enjoy the beach and pool before it gets too hot for the summer. You want to be able to enjoy warm waters but also walk around without feeling overheated.

Road trips in Florida between cities

This was one of the main reasons as I mentioned we rented a car. Fort Lauderdale and Miami are only 30 minutes apart! Look for cities no more than an hour apart for the most convenience and take the opportunity to bond with your partner during the short road trip. After all, this is part of the babymoon’s objective, to bond before the baby arrives while enjoying the best places to take a babymoon in Florida.

Other Great Babymoon destinations to consider in Florida

Here are some of the most recommended places worth checking out when narrowing your best place to take a babymoon in Florida: Siesta Key, Santa Rosa Beach, St. Augustine, Florida Keys, Marco Island, Amelia Island, and Fernandina Beach.

I hope this inspired and informed you of the best places to take a babymoon in Florida. Remember MID Miami beach is where it’s at! A babymoon is a wonderful time every mama and dad needs to experience to connect and spend much-needed quality time before that little bundle of joy arrives. 

Head over to my Instagram to share where you chose and also check out the best travel laundry bags you need in your luggage as well as the ultimate beach vacation packing list!



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