Queen of Planning

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First and foremost I am a hustler. I am of the believer of there is no such thing as”trying” there is only “doing.” My mother not only taught me to work hard but also demonstrated what doing what you have to do to be successful was. I figured it out. From sales at the age of 15 to management at 18, to blogging at 28. Whatever research was needed, however many long hours it took, I was determined to succeed. That my friends is what I have in common with Teresa Mendoza, the leading star in USA Networks Queen of the South. While many decisions are driven by circumstance and timing, mine are done by planning. You can say I am a #QueenOf #Planning.

When I heard Season 2 was starting of this hot, action driven show Queen of the South, I was intrigued and decided I must catch up! Promptly I gathered my wife and sister-in-law for some binge Netflix to watch all 13 episodes of season 1. I was hooked y’all! I planned the intimate affair; food and beverages were a must! I decided to keep it light with a vegetable, and fruit tray. Normally we indulge in sugary snacks however I am in the beginning of my fitness journey therefore I had to keep it on the healthier side for me. I did however treated myself and my guests to a skinny margarita because it’s a party after all folks! The show was everything I look for; drama filled, captivating, and mysterious. I loved that I had no idea what was about to happen next. And let me tell you, I am very good at predicting. We could not go to the next episode fast enough to see what was going to happen. Matter of fact we could wait until Thursday night to resume where we left off staring at Season 2!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Teresa and I have no fears when it comes to pulling forward to the top. I attribute this to planning. Whether it’s a small Netflix gathering, a vacation, my blogging business, a birthday party, meal prepping or managing finances. I thrive doing so and provides me comfort in knowing how and when things will execute  to my liking. Here are a few tips to help you also be a #QueenOf #Planning.

Research Research Research

Google and Pinterest can be your best friends. Spot the reliable sources and educate yourself on the topic.


From prices to nutritional value to benefits and cons. How will you know which is the best route? Never settle, do your research to confirm you’re getting/doing the best.

Plan Ahead Not in the moment

Give yourself enough time for the research and comparison. The best accomplishments are those that are not rushed. I start planning for my son’s birthday party 3 months in advance.

Write it Down 

Whether it’s on your favorite journal, your laptop or your cell phone, write it down. Add dates, lists and cross off as you go. Trust me you will be much more organized this way! I promise you, no matter how amazing your memory is, something will fall short if you don’t notate it.

Get Inspired!

Back to Pinterest you go! Or your favorite museum or your favorite blogger or Instagramer. Draw your inspiration visually. You so much more likely to achieve your desire by seeing how you want it to look like ahead if time. Use a mood board!

Make sure you tune to Season 2 of Queen of the South with me every Thursday evening! What are you #QueenOf?