Peek-a-bear Children’s Book Review

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Reading Peek-a-bear book together

I knew since I was pregnant that I wanted to install the love of books to our son. Our wish for him was to yearn learning and a passion for reading. In my research, I learned that starting as early as possible was key to achieving this. Therefore to this day we are always constantly searching and buying books we believe he will enjoy and are educational. We are currently on a reading nook so stay tuned for that reveal! I know when our son loves a book because he wants it read over and over! He selects the book himself, brings it over while making persistent sounds and then sits on my lap. Seriously cutest thing. Well when I first discovered Peek-a-bear book, I instantly knew it would be a hit with my son as he loves particularly interactive play. He is so curious about life and animation that he demonstrates it vocally and physically. He claps and yelps in excitement. That is exactly the reactions moms look for to ensure it is to our little ones satisfaction. We I can confidently tell you, Peek-a-bear nailed it.

Peek-a-bear book


From award-winning author, Jill Mangel Weisfeld, Peek-a-bear has won 5 awards including a Gold Medal in the Mom’s Choice Awards, a gold medal in the Purple Dragonfly Awards and a silver medal in the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Peek-a-bear keeps children intrigued while navigating through the color pages on a quest to discover what is hidden behind flaps and curtains similar to the game of pee-a-boo. My son as his very early, impatient age, rushes to open the flaps before I can finish reading the page. We truly laugh with excitement as if we were playing a game.

Peek-a-bear Book

The design

The book is hardcover with very thick pages appropriate for young children. As a mom, these type of details matter as we worry about paper cuts for instance. Durability is as important as well while babies and young toddlers have not grasp delicacy and often toss books in and out if containers. It is very colorful! Vibrant, warm and cool colors that draw your attention instantly. The imagery is fit to attract a young readers heart.

Playing with Peek-a-bear Book


Peek-a-bear delivers! It has become one of baby boys favorite books, so much that I have it memorized. If he could speak, he would as well. I invite you take a look for yourself and recommend getting it for your child (dren), grand babies, or any young child in your life you’ll love to bring a smile to. What I absolutely love that most is that a percentage of all book sales go to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. ❤ You can get more information and order your book HERE.



*This post was sponsored by Take a Peek, Peek-a-bear. As always, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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Newbieshade-Our favorite baby car seat cover

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Gosh if I could go back to when our son was born, I would have the coolest, cutest stuff prepared. It’s funny that you think you know but you really don’t. As a first time mom, I pretty much confined myself to what they sold at that big chain store. Yes you know which one I am referring to. I had no idea I was missing out on so many amazing products from small businesses such as Newbie Shade.

The Issue at hand

Let me first tell you we have tried multiple products that were left practically brand new. We purchased and were gifted car seat covers. One the material was so thin and cheap it ripped the FIRST time I washed it! No, I am not kidding. The second was better, however I hated that I couldn’t see our son and lifted the darn thing every 10 seconds to see him. You know, typical paranoid mom. So after a while we just gave up and got him cool sun glasses. That isn’t a joke, we really did! Haha. He left them on and everything! The problem however persisted; the sun in his face did not help the car ride at all poor little guy. Therefore we bought those shade you stick on the windows from Amazon. They kind of worked depending which direction the car was headed and what time of day it was. It also drove me nuts that we couldn’t open the windows. They stayed on for a while as something was better than nothing. Well now those are gladly gone!

Our new car seat cover

When I was trying to make my selection online my first impression was that they were super cute with adorable prints. I gravitated towards the grey, rainy clouds on one side and  black and white trees on the other. I love that it’s reversible! When I received it I was extremely pleased with the quality. They are 100% durable cotton. I love that I can grip the fabric and feel the thickness. I don’t have to worry if my son yanks at it in the car or starts splashing his sippy cup on it. I am more than comfortable throwing it in the wash, and retrieving an intact cover.


It was the easiest thing I did that day! Each ends has two clips very much like any stroller, high chair, grocery cart. That is it folks! No difficult equipment. Just a beautiful, well made cover for your baby’s car seat.

Our favorite car seat cover Newbieshade.

What I love the most.

I can see my baby! I so so wish I would have had this since he was born. Maybe he would have slept in the car more! We often still play peek a boo and he just cracks up. I leave the side towards the window down and the side next to me open so we can see each other. I am sure one he will be more interested in what’s going on outside the window than playing with me but until that day comes, I will enjoy our no blinding, car rides together.

My recommendation

You know I am a big supporter of small businesses and gladly to be behind Newbieshade. Seriously this is a wonderful baby shower gift and product you need to have for your own baby. It compatible with all car seats; infant, rear and front facing car seats! If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

You can get your own adorable newbieshade here. Type code ANGELICA for 20% off! Good until April 1st 2017!



*This post was sponsored by Newbie Shade. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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New mom diaper bag essentials

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New mom diaper bag essentials.

New mom diaper bag essentials.

Hi there!

I don’t know about you but as a new mom, I reinvented my diaper bag multiple times until I got it just right and stopping saying “dang it” every time I forgot something. I know your time is valuable and need to be able to pack a bag efficiently, often with only one hand.

  1. The most obvious let’s get out of the way, diapers and wipes. My recommendation is that you pack as many as your child uses in one day. This will depend on his or her age. For example  my son typically  goes through 6 per day at 8 month versus almost 10 when he was under 3 months. I personally use the these ones. Aside from being hypoallergenic (my son has eczema) their prints are ridiculously cute. They appear expensive if you buy them separately from a store however with a cancel any time subscription, it is cheaper or the same as major brands PLUS it comes with wipes at no additional cost!

  2.  Two extra outfits! Just simple, clean extras for accidents such as diaper blowouts, throw up, spit, excessive saliva from teething and food if your babes are a bit older. TRUST me, it WILL happen. I personally keep a couple of onesies like these.
  3. Swaddle/ Receiving blankets-This will be your go-to for cleaning up spit up real quick, placing it down anywhere you need to sit or lay down baby for a minute. I love these.
  4. 2 wash/burp clothes-Seriously don’t underestimate how much babies and kids get dirty. I thought I was gifted too many. Come to find out, there was no such thing. Lol Something like these.
  5. Hand sanitizer-If I am going to a public place this is a non negotiable.  I specially  love this one because I know it doesn’t  contain any harsh chemicals. I prefer the spray because it will serve dual purpose by not just sanitizing your hands but hard surfaces also.
  6. Sophie the giraffe! Don’t laugh as I am serious. My son LOVES his Sophie. It relieved his teething amazingly. Something about that soft yet durable plastic and its smell calmed him. Well worth it’s price times two.
  7. Diaper rash ointment-Unfortunately rashes appear out of no where therefore you don’t want to wait until you get home to give your baby relief. I tried many brands and this one seemed to make them go away for good as oppose to just a few hours.
  8. AquaphorI carry this because it is better than lotion on the go especially. It heals weather dryness both cold and heat rashes. Perfect for delicate skin such as eczema patches.
  9. Sunglasses You have to protect baby’s eyes! Tip; keep then in a pocket in the bag so that you never have to stand there look for them with one hand and you hold a sun blinded child with the other.
  10. Sun block- Even if you don’t intend of being in the sun. You never know when you’ll unintentionally be exposed and realize you need to protect them or reapply. I personally like this one.


What do you think? Does yours look like mine or vastly different? Let me know  what your favorite items are in the comments below. You can also follow me on instagram for our day-to-day journey.



Diaper bag

New mom diaper bag essentials