Smiling is Contagious

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I have gone through many stages in life with my self-esteem. After motherhood, it took a while to really feel like myself again. Slowly but surely I found my step again. It may appear from my Instagram photos that I now have high confidence and while it’s certainly healthy, there has always been one thing I have been insecure about and that is my smile.

Have you ever notice when I smile I don’t show my teeth? Go ahead I’ll let you scroll through my feed, lol. Not one photo friends. I’m going to finally share something very personal and that it that I have a gap in the front of my teeth. I was so silly during my teenage years to not want braces. What I would do to go back! The reason I never got them was because I didn’t want the metal in my mouth. As an adult I figured, well I’ve gone this long without them. But the truth it, I wish I can smile confidently. I wish I was really smiling in my wedding photos. I wish I felt confident speaking in videos.

The Solution; Smile Direct Club

Well I’ll tell you I FINALLY decided to do something about it. I began the first step to my dream smile with Smile Direct Club. Smile Direct Club provides a treatment plan using invisible aligners at 60% less from their competitors. It works in a simple 3 step process; first you go in for a consultation. There they will take a 3D image of your teeth via scan or do an at home impressions kit like I did! Those impressions are reviewed by a dental professional who will create a treatment plan for you. Each aligner is the mailed to you monthly to begin carefully shifting and straightening your teeth! There is no need for dental office visits for this.

My experience

Since there is no Smile Direct Club near me, I requested an at home impressions kit and it arrived very quickly. I carefully reviewed the instructions and viewed a short video to ensure I properly created my impressions. It was fairly quick and easy. The kit included everything I needed down to the gloves! The kit also included a very convenient return label so all I had to do was peel it and stick it on top of the previous label and drop it off at my local FedEx office. I also took photos of my teeth and uploaded them to the website for the dental professional to view to assist in creating my treatment plan.

Use code ‘ANGELICA’ to get 50% your impressions kit or free scan! I am so excited about this, I can’t stop talking about it. I have been waiting my entire life and I am so happy I finally took charge and did something about it! I am going to keep y’all posted on my progress. Keep an eye out for that new  smile reveal in the months to come!





*This post is Sponsored by Smile Direct Club. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

My amazing beauty mask Banish!

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Banish Starter Kit

For as long as I can remember I have had a few skin issues. I am grateful that it has never been anything severe however it has been annoying. My forehead becomes quite oily and don’t get me started on the blackheads. You don’t want to know how many strips I have purchased over the years to get rid of them. I thought to myself, there has to be a better solution. A beauty mask I thought but which one? Well it brings me joy to share I have found one! I have finally found Banish.

What is Banish?

Banish is a natural skin care line from California. They are famous for their kits that work by creating micro channels in the skin that causes it to build new collagen fibers as well as it repairing itself. It not only clears the skin from acne but also diminishes and eliminates acne scars! Quite impressive I found!

My tutorial on how to use the skin care is below:


The Starter Kit that I have contains the following:


Pumpkin Enzyme Mask: This mask is for those who has skin problems such as acne that need healing. It completely dries out the acne causing it to diminish within days. It also reverses the damage scars that have already occurred as well as brightens the skin.

The Activated Charcoal Clay Mask: (This is the one I personally use!)

This one diminishes and eliminates blackheads, oily skin and large pores. In other words all my problems! It works by cleaning out the pores and withdraws the impurities from them. It completely absorbs all the dirty and toxins from your skin! My face feels completely different the next day it works so efficiently.


The Banisher: This derma roller has tiny bristles that puncture micro tiny holes in the skin. This results in the skin producing elastin and collagen. I promise you, you do not feel a thing! It is completely pain less and the micro tiny holes are invisible to the naked eye. This revitalizes and brightens the skin. I use it every 2 weeks and gentle roll it over my face.

Banish Oil: A daily use Vitamin C oil that brightens and smooths the skin. I use it after rolling the medium banisher and usually the night I use the mask.


Pore smasher: Like an ice facial, you leave in the freezer for about 30 minutes before and it feels amazing. It minimizes pores, cellulite and stretch marks.

The Vitamin C Beauty Elixir: a rehydrating spray that uses organic ingredients to tone skin, prevent break outs, reduces red and dark spots. I love this! I like to spray it after I put on my mask and roll my skin.

Pen: To press around active acne.

The Results

My skin has never been more clear! Seriously all the embarrassing blackheads are gone! As is the excess oil. I now need and use less make up, saving me time and money as well. I really recommend using this mask as you will see results! Personally, I love that they are vegan, cruelty-free with no artificial colors or preservatives in their ingredients! If you have any questions about it feel free to ask me! You can get your very own Starter Kit here.





*This post was sponsored by Banish. As always 100% of thoughts and opinions are my own.


My powerful anti-aging secret weapon

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My anti-aging secret weapon.

Photography by

Let’s face it y’all, we can’t stay in our 20’s forever. Becoming a mom as much as it has been the biggest blessing of my life, it has also aged me by about 10 years. From the countless of sleepless nights, to the endless worries and stress, motherhood has a way of deepening our facial lines. In addition to exposure to sun and natural cycle of ageing, you can see how the skin I once glowed unknowingly in my early and mid twenties has transformed just a few years later. Well today I am going to share with you my game changing anti-aging secret weapon as well as tips to eliminate years off your face! Are you ready?

The realization

Not too long ago, I started noticing I have aged. I always wondered when the moment would come that I realized I had wrinkles and fine lines. How I would feel and react to the shocking discovery I also wondered. Well as I was looking at honeymoon pictures, I said to myself; “wow look at my face! It’s glowing.” I have no other way to describe it other than it just appeared “bouncy and firm.” I promise you this was an honest, no exaggeration self-realization. What was shocking was that it was only three years ago! To tell you that I felt discouraged is an understatement. But what was more surprising is how accepting I was that my lifestyle has permanently changed since becoming a parent and instead thought proactively.

The Discovery; My Secret Weapon

My anti-aging secret weapon.

I came across a revolutionary, game changing and most importantly LIFE changing product I now can’t live without; Simply Venom. Simply Venom is a non-invasive, anti-aging cream developed by two anesthesiologist that contain medical grade ingredients similar to injectables! You heard correctly, in a face cream! Did I tell you I am petrified of needles? The fact that it’s in a cream y’all, makes my heart and face so happy you have no idea. Allow me to elaborate, Simply Venom Skin care comes in a day and night cream. Both I use and like, injectables, they relax the muscles to reduce wrinkles and combat signs of aging.

What I love the most, besides a young face, is that they are very transparent in their ingredients. They list clearly the clinically recommended percentages of their ingredients (It’s even on the front of the box!) So many anti-aging creams on the market you would be shocked on how low the levels of ingredients that are that are supposed to be what works. What’s more to love about Simply Venom is that they are paraben-free, dye-free, gluten-free and fragrance-free to prevent allergic reactions. I will also point out that they are cruelty-free as well. Love! You can read more about their powerful ingredients here.

How I use it

Simply Venom Day Cream

Simply Venom Night Cream

I put on the day cream first thing is the morning after I brush my teeth. Then I place two pumps on my palm and gentle apply to my face in upward strokes. I like to start on my target areas such as next to my eyes, above my mouth and forehead. Then I distribute the rest. It is definitely rehydrating and does not leave my face feeling oily. The same way I apply after I shower and cleanse my face. It is absolutely refreshing and I really love that all it takes is two pumps so that I don’t waste what I now call my gold cream. 😄

My recommendation

My anti-aging secret weapon.

Whether you are in your late 20s, 30s or above, take control of your skin. Do a self-evaluation and don’t wait until your aging signs penetrate further. Give it a try for yourself! I started noticing results in days! Around day 5 my skin, specially my forehead felt more firm. It’s that powerful and completely safe! Go to to get your day and night cream today.

5 Tips to also combat aging

1. Drink Water! It flushes out your toxins and improves your complexion. If you have a hard time drinking water sometimes like me, add lemon slices of mint leaves or cucumbers! It really makes a difference. I strive to drink 9-11 cups daily.

2. Get some rest! Okay I know this one is easier said than done.  Especially if you have young children. But there is no non surgical fix for those very scary dark circles. Plus over all health of your entire body. So if you have the opportunity whenever you can, sleep. I shoot for 7-8 hours every night but realistically do closer to 7.

3. Eat clean! Processed foods and beverages are not going to give you a healthy glow. You don’t have to diet, you just have to make healthier decisions.

4. Clean your face! Absolutely never go to bed with your make up. You would be surprised the amount of toxins that clog our pores! Please wash your face gently every night and never pull your skin when drying with a towel. Air dry or at least pat dry very gently.

5. Clean your brushes! And get rid of old make up! Bacteria and dust live in them so clean them at least once a month. You can use just soap like a gentle shampoo or buy actual cleaners for them.

There you have it! I am excited to have shared and look forward to the new pictures! You and I will say wow look at my glowing face! Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.





*This post was sponsored by Simply Venom. As always 100% of thoughts and opinions are my own.

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My Favorite Skin Care Regimen

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Osea Malibu

Osea Malibu; my favorite skin care line.

When I was younger, I didn’t really care about my skin care. I was quite blessed in that department. I had clear, tight, healthy skin despite hardly ever drinking water. 🙈 I’ve come a long way from those days. I am 28, a mom, and don’t sleep anywhere near as long as I used to in my early 20s. I’m sure most moms can relate. So I realized if I wanted to remain having healthy skin, I needed to put attention to it! That’s where I found Osea Malibu.

They are a California-based company that focuses on Vegan, Non-Toxin, Cruelty-free, Non GMO, plant-based products. I never used to care what ingredients were in creams if I ever did get any. Now all those play a factor. Of I want to teach  my son about what’s important I have to lead by example right moms?

So my favorite ones right now are as follows; I’ll put them in order as I use them.

Ocean Cleanser

It is a very refreshing, lime, juniper and cypress cleanser that is very rich in minerals. It gently removes make up along other impurities. It is for normal and a combination of skin types. I use this cleanser every night. I love the smell of it also by the way.

Atmosphere Protection Creme

It is a lightweight moisturizer with Vitamin E, Avocado, Shea Butter, and organic Algea. It not only hydrates, but also protects collagen (my favorite part.) My second favorite part is that is leaves a matte finish so I used at night after I use the cleanser and in the morning right before I put on my make up.

Sea Minerals Mist

This is a hydrating mist that I use right after moisturizing. It is also rich in minerals and also soothes sun burns and break outs. This is one of the products that help stimulate new cell growth as well.

Ocean Cleansing Mudd

This one has peppermint, tea tree essential oils, seaweed extract very rich in iodine. All these are antiseptic, meaning they reduce and prevent acne. I don’t suffer from acne but do benefit from its balancing of oily skin. I don’t use it every day, probably about 3 times a week but you can absolutely use it everyday if you’d like to reduce oil or acne for sure.

See how far I’ve come from just taking off make up with a wipe and putting on coconut oil? haha. Honestly I want to have beautiful skin in my 30s, 40s and 50s. And what I do now will immediately impact it. I love all what Osea Malibu represents. I am of the belief that you get what you pay for 99% of the time. and I believe their skin care products are worth every penny. Take a look at their site. They have awesome sample selections to get you started. They also have beautiful gift sets like this one that is perfect for the holidays.

Osea Malibu gift sets

Fabulous gift seta from Osea Malibu

*This post was sponsored by Osea Malibu. As always my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.