Just Mommy n Me

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Guess who has a new Just Mommy N Me Box? Yup us! Okay so you know since I started this blogging journey, I have been posting matching mommy and me outfits with our little guy right? No, it was not a coincidence. Ha ha. So when I heard there is a subscription box (you also know I love subscription boxes 😄) that provides you monthly matching mommy and me fashion I jumped on board!

Just Mommy n Me

This wonderful subscription company includes different boutique items as well as personally designs in each box. On the 20th of every month, a box is shipped to your home! I LOVE delivery day! Upon subscribing, you select your mommy size and whether your child is a boy or a girl along with their size.  That way it is as personalized as possible to you and your little one.

June’s box was 4th of July themed so I received a headband and baby boy an adorable scarf and shorts (not pictured) from the features company Pickled and Peach Co! We absolutely loved them and cannot wait to wear them this independence day. 🤗 Take a look! You can subscribe to Just Mommy n Me here.

You seriously will not be disappointed! You can also follow them on Instagram here. Of course, make sure you share with me your mommy and me fashion!




*This post was sponsored by Just Mommy n Me. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



Mauve Blush for the Summer!

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Amazing photography by Jill Shaw.

If you don’t have an off the shoulder dress or blouse, go buy one TODAY! It is this summer’s must have. It’s feminine, sexy and so in style. This soft blush mauve summer dress climbed up to the top of my favorites list by being so versatile and comfortable.

You know I have an obsession with blush! All for the same reasons I love an off the shoulder detail! Well, without with further delay, this gorg Mary Mauve Day dress is fromTobi
You can get the exact one here. Pair is with a strappy heel and you are ready for summer date!




*This post was sponsored by Tobi. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Queen of Planning

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First and foremost I am a hustler. I am of the believer of there is no such thing as”trying” there is only “doing.” My mother not only taught me to work hard but also demonstrated what doing what you have to do to be successful was. I figured it out. From sales at the age of 15 to management at 18, to blogging at 28. Whatever research was needed, however many long hours it took, I was determined to succeed. That my friends is what I have in common with Teresa Mendoza, the leading star in USA Networks Queen of the South. While many decisions are driven by circumstance and timing, mine are done by planning. You can say I am a #QueenOf #Planning.

When I heard Season 2 was starting of this hot, action driven show Queen of the South, I was intrigued and decided I must catch up! Promptly I gathered my wife and sister-in-law for some binge Netflix to watch all 13 episodes of season 1. I was hooked y’all! I planned the intimate affair; food and beverages were a must! I decided to keep it light with a vegetable, and fruit tray. Normally we indulge in sugary snacks however I am in the beginning of my fitness journey therefore I had to keep it on the healthier side for me. I did however treated myself and my guests to a skinny margarita because it’s a party after all folks! The show was everything I look for; drama filled, captivating, and mysterious. I loved that I had no idea what was about to happen next. And let me tell you, I am very good at predicting. We could not go to the next episode fast enough to see what was going to happen. Matter of fact we could wait until Thursday night to resume where we left off staring at Season 2!

As I mentioned in the beginning, Teresa and I have no fears when it comes to pulling forward to the top. I attribute this to planning. Whether it’s a small Netflix gathering, a vacation, my blogging business, a birthday party, meal prepping or managing finances. I thrive doing so and provides me comfort in knowing how and when things will execute  to my liking. Here are a few tips to help you also be a #QueenOf #Planning.

Research Research Research

Google and Pinterest can be your best friends. Spot the reliable sources and educate yourself on the topic.


From prices to nutritional value to benefits and cons. How will you know which is the best route? Never settle, do your research to confirm you’re getting/doing the best.

Plan Ahead Not in the moment

Give yourself enough time for the research and comparison. The best accomplishments are those that are not rushed. I start planning for my son’s birthday party 3 months in advance.

Write it Down 

Whether it’s on your favorite journal, your laptop or your cell phone, write it down. Add dates, lists and cross off as you go. Trust me you will be much more organized this way! I promise you, no matter how amazing your memory is, something will fall short if you don’t notate it.

Get Inspired!

Back to Pinterest you go! Or your favorite museum or your favorite blogger or Instagramer. Draw your inspiration visually. You so much more likely to achieve your desire by seeing how you want it to look like ahead if time. Use a mood board!

Make sure you tune to Season 2 of Queen of the South with me every Thursday evening! What are you #QueenOf?





Potty Training as a First Time Mom

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*This post is sponsored by Pampers. My thoughts and opinions are always 100% honest and my own.

I can’t believe we’re here y’all! We are celebrating a huge milestone that is transitioning from diapers to potty training our toddler! I often heard boys take longer. Heck, my little brother was in diapers until past 3! So it was a big surprise to see our son giving us signs he is ready!

I will be honest and tell you I am nervous as a first time mom trying to figure it all out. Many people will give you their advice on what worked for them but each child is different and I am  big believer on allowing my children to gently get there when they are ready on their own terms. We also have a huge hurdle! Majority of our house has laminate wood floors! That means one accident can ruin several wood planks causing hundredths of dollars to replace! That means going naked will not be an option for us. 😄 Instead this is my plan to successfully potty train.

Transitioning out of diapers

Since letting our son run around in underwear only isn’t an option, we went for the next fabulous choice; Pamper’s Easy Ups!

They look and feel like regular underwear with the absorbent leak protection we need. They were awarded the 2017 New Product Award and have an outstanding record! We love how nicely you can pull these up and down. It’s important for little hands with new motors skills to be able to do this on their own without difficulty.

Choosing a potty

Using an adult toilet or getting a small, toddler version that sits on the ground. We chose the ground one for the following reason: we want our son to be as independent as possible. He cannot get to an adult toilet on his own yet. And even with a stool, he will require my hand for safe stability. Furthermore chose one that interests him or her. We chose one of his favorite characters to further encourage usage. Think of it like a toy. Children gravitate to sounds and it is why most toys have them. We should one that you can pull the handle and it will say “hip hop hurray!”

Getting Acquainted

We put a Pampers Easy Up on and left him in it for a little bit. Then I took out the potty. I chose to place it near my toilet. That way he can associate the two. Children are very visual and you mom are his best model. I showed him how to pull the easy up down and sat him in his potty. He was mesmerized he must have faux flushed like 10 times. I verbalized that it is for poop and pee. Use words you already state to him to be consistent. After a few minutes I stood him up and demonstrated again how he could pull up his easy ups.

The Plan

With any strategy you want to have a plan of success. It’s okay if you don’t necessary have all the details. But have a general idea of what you want to do and how to proceed. Our plan is to take it slow. He is only 18 months and have begun early because he has demonstrated to us he’s ready. After he soils his diapers he immediately comes to us and pats his diaper while verbally signaling as well for example. I intend on starting by placing him on his potty as soon as I see him about to soil his diaper as it is the most evident. I will repeat with the intent that he will tell me before it happens eventually. Next, I plan on spending some time without his Easy Ups in the bathroom after consuming much water so that when he urinates I will guide him to his potty to have him correlate the two as well.

Patience & Encouragement

We are all about positive reinforcement. I intend on making a BIG deal of using the potty and rewarding him accordingly. Be prepared with stickers, cars, dolls, pretzels, cereal. What motivates and drives  your child gravitates towards. Never scold or punish as accidents will happen. Think of it as an exciting milestone and have fun with it as much as you can.

I will update you as we progress in this journey. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or send me a message if you have any questions!

Boys: https://www.pampers.com/en-us/diapers-wipes/pampers-easy-ups-trainers-for-boys

Girls: https://www.pampers.com/en-us/diapers-wipes/pampers-easy-ups-trainers-for-girls




Dressing up in the summer

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While when we think of summer, we think sandals and shorts, you also want to think of formal occasions. This off the shoulder summer dress is perfect so many reasons; florals, off the shoulder, wrap and pockets. 😍

The wrap belt blends in with the design and hugs your waist line to create a flattering shape. As always don’t forget a pair of classic heels gives that formal appearance. Skip the wedges if it’s an evening or affair. Finally keep it simple with the accessories. If you have a bold or busy print, simple earrings and a beautiful solid bracelet will suffice.